G.Z. Shcherbakovsky graduated from the Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute in 1987, specializing in “Economic Cybernetics”. In 1990, he joined the Stepan Razin Integrated Plant of Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry.

In 1994, he was appointed Deputy General Director for Economics, Finance, General and Legal Affairs.
In June 2001, Shcherbakovsky was appointed Vice-President of the “Integrated Plant of Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry named after Stepan Razin”.
     Combining a successful business career with scientific work, Shcherbakovsky  earned a Ph.D. in Economic Sciences in 1991, followed by a Doctorate Degree in Economic Sciences in 1999, after completing his thesis on  "Competition and ways to ensure stability of a company in Russian entrepreneurship". In 2006, he was awarded a Doctorate Degree in Judical Science.
  Shcherbakovsky is currently a member of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy.
  Since 1999, he has been teaching at St. Petersburg State University of Economics ( Shcherbakovsky serves as a research advisor for graduate students working on their thesis and participates in the preparation of training courses and manuals.