Russian scientific management: researchers and world-class schools. Book 2. N.A. Vitke and his scientific sphere

Russian scientific management: researchers and world-class schools
Shcherbakovskiy G.Z.
Publ. House "Literary European", 2011

A 4-volumed project is dedicated to the first Russian researchers in the field of management, who "without exaggeration" fully met the global standards. The books show that the theories formulated by them had no equivalents in global science.
Thus, the "triunique mechanism” of the development of scientific management created by A.K.Gastev “is operational" to this day (Volume 1). The theory of “human relations” advanced by N.A.Vitke even before the Hawthorne experiments has also not lost its relevance ( Volume 2). The same can be said of the integrated (integral) approach to the analysis of organization and management formulated by F.R.Dunaevsky as well as of the situational approach by the same author (Volume 3). Finally, A.A.Bogdanov holds a specific place in the global organizational science; he had discovered a whole series of laws of organization and long before L.Bertalanffy and N.Wiener had developed the basic provisions of the theory of system approach and cybernetics.
On the basis of the accomplished analysis, the author of the book has shown that the scientific contribution of these Russian researchers who made up the "Mighty Handful" of national management can be highly estimated even by the standards of modern science.
A unique feature of this project is also a fact that each book dedicated to one of representatives of the "Mighty Handful", along with analysis and evaluation of his creative ideas and discoveries, also contains his most representative scientific works. Due to this anthological component the reader can get the "first-hand" information and give his own assessment of his theory, which may differ from that proposed by the author.