Leading economists of the Russian emigration. Book 1. B.D.Brutskus

Leading economists of the Russian emigration. Book 1. B.D.Brutskus
Shcherbakovskiy G.Z.
Publ. House "Literary European", 2013

The book is devoted to creative work of Boris Davidovich Brutskus, one of the most prominent, profound and bright economists not only of the Russian expatriate community, but also of the 20th century in general. It is shown that his work compares favorably  with the highest intellectual and scientific global standards.
The views of Brutskus are analyzed in comparison to the views and interpretations of representatives of other scientific trends. It is demonstrated that Brutskus could provide irrefutable arguments proving the inconsistency of both "scientific", and practical socialism established in Russia, and the inconsistency and disastrous nature of the idea of centralized planned economy which practically destroyed the real market. No one before Brutskus managed to offer such a clear and logically impeccable justification of the need for economic freedom, without which and beyond which a dynamic and progressive socio-economic development is impossible.
A significant place in the book is devoted to agriculture. One of the main and fundamental scientific works of Brutskus “The agrarian question and agrarian policy” first published 90 years ago and now being a rarity preserved only in a few libraries in the world is reproduced with minor exceptions.
The book also discusses the Jewish question, which since the pre-revolutionary time was one of the most important aspects in the creative work of Brutskus. The book is intended for the readers interested in the history of the Russian economic theories.