"Economic ideas of the Russian expatriate community" Book 2. Socialism. / Edited by Doctor of Economics, Professor E.B. Koritsky.

"Economic ideas of the Russian expatriate community" Book 2. Socialism.
Koritsky E.B.
Nintsieva G.V.
Shcherbakovskiy G.Z.
Publ. House "Literary European", 2006

The book analyzes the agrarian and social democratic views, ideas, hypotheses, determines their place in the general system of views of the economists of the Russian expatriate community. The book considers and assesses the concepts of such scientists-emigrants of agrarian and social democratic bent as A.V. Peshekhonov, M.V. Vishnyak, S.S. Maslov, K.R. Kocharovsky, V.M. Chernov.
In addition, it analyzes the ideas of representatives of the social -democratic trend of economic thought of the Russian emigration, such as S.O. Zagorsky , St. Ivanovich , A.M. Yugov  etc. All these social scientists provided a profound critique of the theory and experience of economic management in the Soviet Russia. The book also demonstrates their own outlines of the future socialist system, in which the latter appeared as an effective and humane socioeconomic system. These suggestions anticipated the main outlines of post-industrialism.
The book is intended for all readers interested in the history of the Russian expatriate community, and, as the authors hope, will become a definite step in reconstruction of an integral picture of economic ideas of the Russian expatriate community of the 20’s -50’s.