"At the cradle of scientific management: an excursion into the history of the Russian and global management ideas". Book 2. New approaches

Book 2. New approaches
Koritsky E.B.
Nintsieva G.V.
Shcherbakovskiy G.Z.
Publ. House "Literary European", 2007

The book is dedicated to the Russian researchers, who in the late 20’s created new approaches to management. These researchers include E.F.Rozmirovich, N.A.Vitke, F.R.Dunaevsky and many more.  In addition, a significant contribution to the development of a young science was made by some brilliant, talented managers of different branches of national economy, who were also acknowledged in the book..
The monograph is addressed to the specialists in scientific management who are interested in the history of the Russian and global management ideas.