"At the cradle of scientific management: an excursion into the history of the Russian and global management ideas". Book 1. The first approaches.

Book 1. The first approaches.
Koritsky E.B.
Nintsieva G.V.
Shcherbakovskiy G.Z.
Publ. House "Literary European", 2007

The book is dedicated to the most important national authors who, along with renowned foreign scientists, were among the originators of this science, and who were able in the early 1920s to express the original ideas which anticipated many basic provisions of the modern management theory. These researchers include: A.A. Bogdanov, V.M. Bekhterev, I.M. Burdyansky, A.K. Gastev, O.A. Ermansky, P.M. Esmansky, P.M. Kerzhentsev . These scientists formulated the first scientific approaches to the analysis of the problems of organization and management; they also founded the first scientific schools.
The monograph is addressed to the specialists in scientific management who are interested in the history of the Russian and global management ideas.